moveDC is a collaborative effort led by the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) to develop a bold and implementation-focused vision for our city's transportation future.


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Ideas That Build Public Workshops

The first round of moveDC public workshops—Ideas that Build—helped us to build the foundation of the plan. We also held an Ideas that Build Webinar on April 9th. We are collecting information on neighborhood and citywide challenges as well as opportunities and people's preferences for different transportation services and facilities. Information from the workshops will be posted to this page in April as it is processed. The workshop presentation is available on the Resources page.

A video of the Webinar as well as most of the activities are available here on the project website. Scroll down to see the Webinar video. Please help us by spreading the word! Share these activities with your family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues.

Citywide Transportation Challenges

moveDC will address transportation challenges facing the District during the next 25 to 30 years. Your input at the February 9th Idea Exchange provided perspective on transportation challenges. We used the input from that event, as well as input from the website, committee meetings, and our own observations, and made a starter list of important transportation challenges.

At the workshops, we asked:

Here's how the workshop votes stacked up:
Citywide Challenges table

DRAFT Vision for moveDC

Like the Citywide Transportation Challenges, the things we've heard from you thus far have helped us develop a draft Vision for the future of transportation in the District. We asked you to comment on it at the workshops and you gave you an opportunity to share your thoughts online.

Here's what we have:
moveDC vision with comments

Building Blocks for the Future

Building Blocks thumbnail

We've talked about the big challenges and the Vision for the future.

We wanted your input.

We developed an activity to start the discussion about how we meet our needs. We have considerable flexibility in some area and less in others. There are a couple of things we have to do: keep things running day-to-day and meet current commitments (including 22 miles of streetcar). These are part of everyone's transportation future. Beyond these, there are many building blocks that could comprise the District's transportation future. Each building block does something different and each has consequences. These are the building blocks we gave you:

Building Block descriptions (.pdf)

Two sizes of building blocks were available. The sizes correspond generally to the resources (time, money, etc.) needed for that block. Given a game board and a set of rules, people assembled their view of transportation futures for D.C. Three squares were free, and the fourth required people to tell us where the money would come from if they wanted to use it. An example of a completed board is shown below:

Completed game board

Individual Building Blocks Selected at the Workshops:

Building Blocks outcome bar graph, click through for larger image

Fun Facts From the Workshop Responses:

How's It Moving?

We gave you a nice, big map of the District and the surrounding areas and asked you to pinpoint your thoughts on transportation around the city. Based on the color of the flag you could tell us something that is going well (in GREEN), something that is not going well (in RED), or an idea for improvement (in YELLOW).

Here's what we found from all your input:

Check out the online issues map

Where did this information come from?

Popular Themes:


By The numbers:

How's It Moving Results by Category. Bicycle had the most.

How's It Moving Results by Group. Bicycle had the most.


Watch a video recording of the webinar below: