moveDC is a collaborative effort led by the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) to develop a bold and implementation-focused vision for our city's transportation future.


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Building Blocks

There's a wide range of possibilities for the future of transportation in the District. Unfortunately, we can't have everything we want—there's not enough space, money, or time. Because of that, we would like to know what things are most important to you and in what combinations. We'd also like to know what you would do if there were more money and time. Below is an online version of the moveDC Building Blocks activity. This was a tool used at the public workshops to help people organize their vision of DC's transportation system. It provides us with an understanding of your priorities and relative tradeoffs. It is not a "vote" for specific solutions.

Here's an example of a completed board:
A completed game board

Here's how to play:

The first square takes care of the things we have to do—keep things running day-to-day, work on projects in the pipeline, and get 22 miles of streetcar running. The other three squares are up for grabs! Use the dropdown menus that correspond to the remaining three squares to create your board. The descriptions for each tile are under Build Options below. Make sure you read the descriptions so you understand what each building block entails, it's tradeoffs, and what it builds best with. When you're done, submit it to help us continue to moveDC!

Additional Questions

Why did you build your transportation future this way?

Are there ideas not capured on the building blocks that you think are important?

If you used the additional square, how should we pay for it?

Build Options

Large Tiles

bridges_and_tunnels_desc.png fast_transit_desc.png more_metrorail_desc.png

Small Tiles

accelerated_good_repair_desc.png bikes_and_pedestrians_everywhere_desc.png expand_the_grid_desc.png lots_more_local_transit_desc.png low_cost_transit_desc.png
more_car_capacity_desc.png parking_management_and_expansion_desc.png smarter_system_desc.png sustainable_and_beautiful_desc.png

Full Tile Descriptions
Download .pdf